2019 Phase II Grant Recipients

    Large Grants

  1. East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

    Project Title: Early Intervention of Mental Illness in Pediatric Primary Care Offices

    East Tennessee Children’s Hospital plans to establish a coordinated Behavioral Health program for area pediatricians.  This program will provide pediatricians with initial and ongoing education, medication algorithms, treatment protocols and access to mental health providers for the three most common diagnoses.

    Left to Right: Becky Little, Trinity Board Member; Kathy Fowler and Dr. Nicole Lopez, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital; Avice Reid, Trinity Board Chair

  2. Emory Valley Center

    Project Title: Treatment and Stabilization for Individuals Dual Diagnosed with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness

    Emory Valley Center will establish a program to provide appropriate treatment for people who are dual diagnosed with intellectual/developmental disabilities and a psychiatric disorder.  The program’s purpose is to reduce the need for emergency room and inpatient care through intensive outpatient and psycho-social rehabilitation.  Emory Valley Center will provide a continuum of care with the goal of stabilizing clients with their families or living independently in the community.

    Left to Right: Becky Little, Trinity Board Member; Janet Wood and Michelle Portman, Emory Valley Center; Avice Reid, Trinity Board Chair

  3. Knox Area Rescue Ministries

    Project Title: Community Healthcare for the Underserved

    Knox Area Rescue Ministries plans to provide primary and chronic care access to the underserved populations in our community. Their plan is to partner with the Knox County Health Department and area hospitals to develop facilities and programs to improve the healthcare of the underserved. They will supply staff, volunteers, students, and materials needed to provide on-site minor acute clinical services and healthcare educational classes to those needing assistance. They plan to replicate this model in similar missions and healthcare communities nationwide.

    Left to Right: Beck Little, Trinity Board Member; Danita McCartney and Todd Gilbert, Knox Area Rescue Ministries; Avice Reid, Trinity Board Chair

  4. Legacy Parks Foundation

    Project Title:  Sharp’s Ridge Playspace

    Legacy Parks Foundation plans to build Sharp’s Ridge Playspace in Knoxville for an underserved population representing inactivity and obesity rates higher than the community average. This Playspace will offer fun and challenging amenities in a natural setting to increase physical activity for citizens of the adjacent and the entire community. Unique to this project is both the access to the nature plan and a plan for an accessible trail for person with disabilities, providing equal recreation opportunities for all in a natural environment.

    Left to Right: Becky Little, Trinity Board Member; Carol Evans and Cameron Broome, Legacy Parks Foundation; Avice Reid, Trinity Board Chair

  5. The Restoration House

    Project Title:  A Collaborative Approach to Overcoming ACEs through a Two-Generational Trauma Responsive Strategy for Youth Development

    The Restoration House recognizes the need to address the effects of long-term trauma and stress on families and children associated with exposure to multiple Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). Their vision is to partner with Emerald Youth Foundation and Harmony Family Center to provide an intentional two-generational trauma-responsive strategy for youth development to overcome toxic stress and trauma with longer lasting outcomes.

    Left to Right: Becky Little, Trinity Board Member; Daniel Watson, The Restoration House; Chrystal Brown, Emerald Youth Foundation; Avice Reid, Trinity Board Chair

    Small Grants

  1. FOCUS Ministries

    Project Title: FOCUS on Women’s Re-Entry Wellness

    FOCUS Ministries plans to focus on wellness for women reentering society from East Tennessee jails and prisons by launching the FOCUS Ministries Women’s Re-entry Program.  They plan to establish the H.O.P.E. Pathway for female ex-offenders. Each letter of the H.O.P.E. Pathway represents essential elements in the re-entry process: Housing will be available to women for 12 months, Opportunity for healing emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually, Personnel will be available such as case managers to serve clients in a way to lead them from initial dependency to full autonomy following program completion, and Empowerment to engage in the workplace.

    Left to Right: Becky Little, Trinity Board Member; Heather Allred and Shawn Stutz, FOCUS Ministries; Avice Reid, Trinity Board Chair

  2. Hope Resource Center

    Project Title: Well-Woman Care

    Hope Resource Center will provide well-woman exams for one year as well as increase community education and awareness regarding the importance of annual well-woman exams. At Hope, this service is provided at no cost, regardless of insurance status, socioeconomic circumstance, or employment, to qualifying patients.  These exams will provide an opportunity to counsel patients about preventative care and to provide or refer recommended services.

    Left to Right: Becky Little, Trinity Board Member; Emily Ratliff and Andrew Wood, Hope Resource Center; Avice Reid, Trinity Board Chair

  3. Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic

    Project Title: Improving Space and Technology for Access to Care

    Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic plans to expand their current space, purchase needed medical equipment, and an information technology infrastructure including updates supporting security of patient health protected information.  The expanded space will include 8 exam rooms (one equipped for minor surgical procedures), and a training room for medical students.

    Left to Right: Becky Little, Trinity Board Member; Deborah Murff and Gregory Payne, Mountain Hope Good Shepherd Clinic; Avice Reid, Trinity Board Chair

  4. The Good Samaritan Center of Loudon County

    Project Title: Healthy Lives, Healthy Smiles

    The Good Samaritan Center of Loudon County plans to expand their services beyond emergency care (extractions) to include preventive (cleanings, X-rays and treatment plans) and restorative (fillings) care.  The program will emphasize education for adults, and the children and grandchildren who are in their care.  Awareness, knowledge, and habits of good oral health are linked directly to better overall health and affect every aspect of everyday life- employment, self-esteem, social interactions, and physical activity.

    Left to Right: Becky Little, Trinity Board Chair; Cindy Black, Mary Anne Blank and Anne Marie Anderson, The Good Samaritan Center of Loudon County; Avice Reid, Trinity Board Chair