Initiative 6 – Christ-based Initiative

Faith is a choice to trust God even when the road ahead seems uncertain.
-Dave Willis

Trinity Health Foundation believes firmly in the holistic healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We believe that spiritual health and Christian faith have a tremendous impact on humanity as a whole and on life’s outcomes. Therefore, we welcome any church, faith-based ministry or parachurch organization to share its creative ideas and/or projects that may potentially grow and develop our community’s faith in Jesus Christ. Proposed efforts should focus on new and innovative projects that serve within the geographic region of Knoxville and surrounding 8 counties.

Envisioned Goal: Trinity seeks projects that will address the needs for spiritual enrichment in our region. A range of potential projects are envisioned including, but not limited to, faith-based mentoring, faith-based character/leadership development, and faith-based community outreach service programs. Trinity seeks to encourage faith-based congregations to serve beyond the walls of the church building, reaching into the community. These pilot projects are intended to develop approaches that can be sustained beyond Trinity funds.

Background: Just as access to food, housing and healthcare are all concerns in our community, so is access to God’s Word and the positive influence of gatherings of faith. The root cause of many of our societal issues is the lack of awareness of God in our homes and communities. We have encouraged proposals on family strengthening for several years, but we want to go further to sow the seeds of a deeper spiritual foundation in our homes and communities.

Examples of Specific Initiatives:

  1. Christ-based Mentoring Program: Development of a network of mentors and a method of outreach for one-on-one encouragement of spiritual growth is a valid use of Trinity funds.
  2. Christ-based Church Planting: A healthy church can be the foundation of healthy families and a keystone to supporting a healthy community. Planting successful churches requires resources, leadership, volunteers and a clearly identified need. Trinity seeks to be a catalyst for the establishment of congregations throughout our region as a means to strengthen the spiritual foundation of our region.
  3. Christ-based Community Service: The impact of the church should go deep into the community. Service initiatives where a helping hand is extended to neighbors as a means to breaking down barriers are sought.