Initiative 2 – Healthy Life Choices

Those who do not find time for exercise will have to find time for illness.
Edward Smith-Stanley (1752-1834)

Life is not merely being alive, but being well.
Marcus Valerius Martialis (40 – 103 AD)

Envisioned Goal: Trinity seeks proposed projects that will motivate, encourage, educate and transform the daily health choices made by our region’s residents by encouraging positive choices or diminishing negative ones.  A range of needs/challenges has been identified including obesity prevention, smoking cessation, nutrition choices, regular exercise, and wellness education.  Trinity seeks projects that will measurably impact the regional health choices over the long term.

Background: Type 2 Diabetes is growing at rapid rates due to lifestyle choices that include poor nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle.   While concentrated in economically disadvantaged areas, this problem extends across all demographics and ages.   Even though it can be managed by healthy lifestyle choices, trends indicate the problem is increasing (  Other poor choices that become debilitating habits are opportunities for programs to inspire a healthy community.

Examples of Specific Initiatives:

  1. Community Weight Loss Program:  Pastor Rick Warren has co-authored a community weight-loss plan – The Daniel Plan – that combines healthy eating with peer encouragement. Perhaps a group in our region would like to engage the broader community in a program to encourage reading this book, acting on its methods and leading to a healthier region!
  2. Community Exercise Awareness Program:  Is there a successful community exercise program in another region that could be studied and implemented in our region to encourage physical exercise and lifelong healthy habits? The NFL has a program called Play60 that encourages youth to exercise daily in their community.  Are there tie-ins for our region to leverage?  Might include pedometer/digital monitoring bracelet distribution that could be sponsored by a regional health provider.
  3. Other Projects Related to Healthy Choices: Partners with innovative ideas and/or successful projects from other regions related to healthy life choices are encouraged.  Other ideas might address innovative outreach for healthy grocery food access; youth educational programs to teach good eating & exercise habits; programs to encourage positive youth choices related to avoiding smoking, alcohol consumption, illegal drugs, abuse of prescription drugs and youth pregnancy.