Initiative 5 – COVID Community Relief & Recovery

Often, it’s not the storm, but the fear of the storm that beats us.
-M. M. Ildan

Envisioned Goal: Trinity seeks proposals from organizations that need financial support to help them continue their valued service to the community. Trinity will set aside a portion of its annual giving budget to fund continuing operations related to community relief and recovery efforts. Unlike other Trinity Initiatives, this is not a Phase I (Project Planning) & Phase II (Project Implementation) topic, but rather a funding of continuing missional services that your organization is currently engaged in. Emphasis on community recovery from COVID impact is preferred, but not required.

Background:  The last year has posed extreme challenges for many nonprofits that serve key roles in our community. The purpose of this initiative is to provide operational funds to help sustain critical missional organizations in our community

Examples of Specific Initiatives: Last year, THFET provided operational sustenance funds of over $1MM to 64 organizations. We understand that the COVID economic impact remains and this initiative exists to aid the continuing operations of our region’s nonprofit organizations Successful proposers will explain how their efforts are actively serving community needs in this challenging time and how Trinity funds will aid in their efforts. Maximum requested funds per organization will be limited to $25,000 (no Phase II follow on for this initiative).