Fellowship Evangelical Free Church

Knoxville Collaborative Marriage Initiative

A stable, healthy marriage is strongly linked to physical and emotional health and is a fundamental building block of a healthy community. However, Tennessee is one of ten states with the highest divorce rates, and broadly accessible programs for strengthening marriage are nonexistent in Knoxville. This project will equip clergy and volunteers to effectively deliver research-based programming that provides couples with the necessary tools to improve and preserve marital quality across time. Delivered in churches and community settings, these programs will be accessible to all couples in the Knoxville area regardless of their ability to pay. Project goals include: (1) to establish relationship programming that is effective and accessible to a diverse group of couples of all income levels; (2) to train clergy and volunteers to provide this programming; and (3) to create a strong, integrated network of clergy and community leaders in order to build a transformative and lasting system to strengthen marriages and families in Knoxville.

Eight church organizations and experts from the University of Tennessee and the University of Denver are committed to this project. A community partnership campaign will be led to link other foundations and organizations to this effort.

Visit their website for more information on the Knoxville Marriage Initiative: https://www.knoxvillemarriageinitiative.org/