Knox Area Rescue Ministries

Restoring Dignity/Promoting Good Health

Knox Area Rescue Ministries seeks to create lockable, secure, personal storage space for rent, paid for by credits earned working, learning, and serving in the community. Those desiring the space will be required to register, connect with a case manager, and check in daily for work, volunteer, or class assignments with “credits” given that pay for storage, transportation tokens, toiletries, etc. Research has shown one significant barrier to the homeless seeking services and employment is the inability to store possessions safely. Coupled with a lack of laundry facilities [for clean, dry clothing], transportation challenges, and an opportunity to work to meet needs and wants, the obstacles are formidable. As dignity and self-respect are restored, more individuals will access recovery classes and residential recovery programs. As the number on the street decreases, we expect to see a decrease in the level of disruptive behavior and violence.