The Great School Partnership Charitable Trust

Knox County Recovery High School

In response to substance misuse amongst Knox County adolescents, the Great Schools Partnership (GSP) and Knox County Schools (KCS) began and continue to lead the preparation for the potential August 2020 opening of a Knox County Recovery High School (RHS). Support from numerous community organizations including representatives from local government, juvenile justice, and social services has been convened to create the Recovery High Task Force (RHTF). With the support of Trinity Health Foundation funding RHTF will work towards identifying curriculum, location, and necessary services to open and sustain RHS for high school students impacted by drug misuse. RHS will provide a safe place for 9th through 12th-grade students in recovery to land, maintain their sobriety, and continue their high school education as they prepare to re-enter their base school or move towards graduation and post-secondary opportunities.

Outside funding will be sought in addition to in-kind and billable services; leveraging funds and services will lead to sustainability. Many youths in recovery have needs far beyond what can be provided within a typical high school. In response to these needs and the Trinity Health Foundation Healthy Life Choices Initiative, and through the provision of the aforementioned services, Recovery High School will encourage positive youth choices related to avoiding drug misuse and abuse.