University of Tennessee Medical Center

Trauma Survivors Network-Peer Visitor Program for Trauma Patients and Families

The University of Tennessee Medical Center’s (UT Medical Center) Trauma Survivors Network (TSN) is submitting a proposal to solicit partners for the development of its peer visitor program. UT Medical Center is a Level I Trauma Center that serves Knox County and 21 surrounding counties. Most of the patients that are seen by the TSN program have been in a motor vehicle collision, falls from standing or a height, gunshot victims and have possibly experienced a traumatic brain injury (TBI), spinal cord injury (SCI), or amputation. The social and emotional needs of a trauma survivor are important to their recovery while in the hospital and when a patient has been discharged. In an effort to make sure that patients’ social and emotional needs are met, TSN acts as a liaison for trauma patients and their families. UT Medical Center’s TSN program currently collaborates with the American Trauma Society (ATS) and is connecting with other programs that provide peer visitors for recovering trauma patients within the community. In-house partners such as the Health Information Center and Pastoral Care are referral sources for TSN to provide information on specific injuries and spiritual support to trauma patients and their families. A major gift fund is the main support for the program. Other sources of funding, such as city, state, and donor funds are being researched and applied for to sustain the program. UT Medical Center’s TSN program is requesting $15,000 to enhance and grow its peer visitor program.