Wears Valley Ranch

Counseling: A Step Further

Wears Valley Ranch is embarking on a new era of ministry that expands its reach to further its vision: Seeing children inspired to follow Christ, healed from their past, and equipped to reach their full potential. Children coming from families suffering from addiction and other domestic issues face a lack of stability in the home and a diminished sense of security during the most formative years of their lives. Unfortunately, there are few resources available for these at-risk children. Since its inception, Wears Valley Ranch’s goal has been to equip children with the understanding of the loving Father they have in heaven through sheltering them in a caring and secure environment. Currently, Ranch staff sits on the board of the county drug coalition while attending other regional coalition events. The need for counseling for vulnerable children is often voiced, yet few have answers. Wears Valley Ranch’s solution comes through adding two counselors to its staff. In addition, counseling services will be offered to Sevier County residents and residents of its contiguous counties.