YWCA Knoxville and the Tennessee Valley

The Least of These: Mental Health and Healthy Relationship Skills for Underserved Populations

YWCA Knoxville and the Tennessee Valley plan to address the mental health and relationship skills of victims of domestic violence in underserved populations in Anderson and Knox counties. With a focus on improving healthy choices and protective factors for vulnerable individuals, YWCA’s project will decrease revictimization and intergenerational cycles of violence. Success has been built on the YWCA’s history (35 years) of work with victims of violence, culturally and linguistically specific services for historically underserved populations (10 years), and the Trinity-supported expansion to Anderson County in 2015. In addition, the project proposed for funding will use evidence-based practices to close gaps in mental health and healthy relationship skills for Latinx, refugee and immigrant, and LGBTQ+ victims.