Grant Process

Grant Process

Trinity is implementing a two-phase proposal/grant process to seek partners to address posted topics of interest related to the general health and well-being of our region (defined as Knoxville and counties contiguous to Knox County Tennessee.) This year Trinity will seek proposals for the 2022 Health Initiatives in both a Small Grants Division (nonprofit organizations with less than $1.5 million in annual revenue) and Large Grants Division.

Phase I (Planning Grant) and Phase II (Implementation Grant) will be awarded to the most responsive partnering proposals. Phase I Planning Grants are for up to $5,000 in the Small Grants Division and up to $15,000 in the Large Grants Division and have a duration of 3 months from the award date. The Phase I funds can be used to support personnel costs and materials to study the need to be addressed, determine effective methods of addressing those needs from local or distant sources, solicitation of collaborative partners for the Phase II implementation, determination of logistics for the Phase II implementation, prototyping efforts for testing ideas, and a full proposal and budget development for the Phase II Implementation Proposal.

The minimum final deliverable from a funded Phase I grant is a report on the project efforts including a Phase II Implementation Proposal with a fully developed budget and collaboration/implementation plan. The Phase II Implementation Proposal delivered at the end of a Phase I effort should develop the project idea into a clear plan for implementation with partnerships, in-kind resources, metrics, budget, and sustainability approach described. Phase II grants will be up to $50,000 in the Small Grants Division and up to $150,000 in the Large Grants Division over one year and will only be available to successful Phase I partners. Visit the Grant Instructions page for helpful Grant Writing and Submission Tips.

Funding Size and Terms

Grant Size:

  • Phase I: One-time award of $5,000 maximum in Small Grants Division and $15,000 maximum in Large Grants Division
  • Phase II: If selected for Phase II, the grant amount will be an award of $50,000 maximum in the Small Grants Division and $150,000 maximum in the Large Grants Division

Grant Term:

  • Phase I grant term will be a one-time award for planning/pilot projects over a three (3) month period (applies to both Small and Large divisions).
  • Phase II grant term (if awarded) over one year (applies to both Small and Large divisions).

Funding Restrictions

Funding NOT Supported in Phase I:

  • Capital projects for the organization’s facilities, including bricks and mortar/construction, major equipment purchases
  • General operating support for organization or “unrestricted grant”