Process & Key Dates

Grant Process

Process & Key Dates

Online Grant Submission Process

Phase I Small and Large grant proposals must be submitted online.

Application/Organization Information and the Proposal Outline are completed in a short answer format and must follow the appropriate proposal outline. We require organized brevity to minimize your proposal development efforts and to make the review process of our volunteer team reasonable.

Purpose of Proposal

Keep in mind the purpose of the Phase I proposal is to convince Trinity of the value of the proposed effort and your organization’s ability to perform the proposed project excellently. Trinity will provide Phase I funds to collaborating nonprofit organizations to allow them to thoroughly explore approaches to address initiatives identified by the topics presented in the request for proposal. The Phase I Planning/Pilot Scale is an opportunity for your organization to pursue the following:

  • discover best practices related to the opportunity
  • perform pilot-scale tests
  • solicit implementation and support partners for Phase II
  • develop a project plan for Phase II implementation and sustainability.

Activities might include, but are not limited to:

  • surveys, acquisition of collaboration commitments
  • research into successful programs in other locations
  • development of data collection methods for measurement of success
  • development of educational materials
  • conferring with organizational and subject matter experts
  • observing related projects elsewhere, etc.

Key Dates to Remember

Proposals must be submitted online via the link on Trinity’s homepage by NOON on March 20, 2024. Phase I winners will be notified in mid-May 2024. Phase II proposals from Phase I grant recipients are due by NOON on September 3, 2024.