Trinity Health Foundation's

Grant Initiatives

Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee will seek proposals in six areas for the 2024 Health Initiatives in both a Small Grants Division (nonprofit organizations with less than $1.5 million in annual revenue) and a Large Grants Division. The Small Grants Division Phase I “Planning Grant” selected proposals are awarded a maximum of $5,000 and are eligible to compete for a Phase II “Implementation Grant” of up to $50,000. The Large Grants Division Phase I “Planning Grant” selected proposals are awarded a maximum of $15,000 and are eligible to compete for a Phase II “Implementation Grant” of up to $150,000.

Applying organizations are only permitted to submit proposals for one Initiative. Please carefully select the Initiative that best represents your project. Phase I “Planning Grants” proposals are submitted electronically via this website. An individual organization is limited to only one application as the lead proposing organization in a given year. However, an organization can be a supporting collaborator on as many proposals as they desire to submit.

2024 Initiatives

Community Partnerships to Address Behavioral & Mental Health Wellness & Addiction

Trinity seeks projects that promote mental and emotional well-being for all ages emphasizing prevention and early intervention related to behavioral and mental health illness and addiction. Efforts to increase community education and awareness of core issues that lead to addiction and diminished mental health wellness are sought. In addition to prevention-focused initiatives, projects that provide access to evidence-based treatment programs are also sought.

Youth Health Initiative: Mental Health / Addiction / ACEs

Trinity seeks projects to address a broad range of youth health issues in the community. “Youth” is defined as our school-aged population.

Access to Housing

Trinity seeks projects to provide access to supportive housing for seniors, those suffering from mental health/addiction/trauma issues, and individuals/families experiencing homelessness due to economic uncertainty.

Access to Care for Vulnerable Populations

Trinity seeks projects to address access to care for vulnerable populations in our region, including single parents, victims of crime, the elderly, the disabled, children, and the homeless, etc.

Serving the Servants

Trinity seeks projects to foster work wellness and resiliency by providing training to identify wellness opportunities for team members, networks to provide support and resources, assessment tools to measure needs and success, wellness coaching programs, and support to those on the front lines of care and protection (healthcare workers, ministers, educators, law enforcement, and other caregivers).

Open Topic

Trinity seeks great partners to enable transformational projects that become a catalyst for good health in our community.