Serving the Servants

Initiative 5

Serving the Servants

“Help one another; there’s no time like the present and no present like time.” – James Durst

 Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee extends the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our community.

Envisioned Goal

Trinity seeks projects to foster work wellness and resiliency by providing training to identify wellness opportunities for team members, networks to provide support and resources, assessment tools to measure needs and success, wellness coaching programs, and support to those on the front lines of care and protection (healthcare workers, ministers, educators, law enforcement, and other caregivers). The pressures of leadership and service have taken their toll on the energy and endurance of many of our community servant-leaders. Trinity seeks projects that will actively support those who lead in our community to breathe into them continued energy to serve.


Strong support systems are essential in providing the necessary foundation to begin healing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Trinity is grateful for those who serve the community on the front lines. We recognize the need for supportive services to foster wellness among leaders and team members faithfully serving the community during challenging times. The healthcare industry, faith, education, law enforcement communities, and other caregivers are exhausted and have been dramatically affected by workforce instability, frustration, and a sense of loss and helplessness.

Download Initiative 5 Proposal Details

Files are in PDF format. These files contain information about the intent of the topic, the general grant philosophy, and the approach of Trinity.