Grant Process

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to receive grants?

Trinity will fund tax-exempt organizations only. If you are not a tax-exempt organization but have an idea that will serve the health needs of our community (an app, website, promotional, etc.), we encourage you to partner with a tax-exempt organization and allow them to lead the proposal. We will allow a pass-through in the budget for support items from for-profit firms.

What are the 2021 Trinity Health initiative topics?

  1. Physical and Behavioral Healthy Life Choices
  2. Neighborhood/Community Strengthening
  3. Open Topic
  4. 501(c)(3) Consolidation Support
  5. COVID Community Relief & Recovery

What is the deadline for online proposal submission?

Proposals must be complete, approved, and submitted online via this website by Noon on March 24, 2021.

Can we submit through other methods than online?

Trinity will not accept proposals through any means except the website.

Who will review and determine the grantees?

Trinity has a standing Grants Committee that will be responsible for the review and selection of award recipients. They are a volunteer committee and their decisions approved by the full Trinity board will be final.

When will the grants be given?

Trinity will award Phase I grants in June 2021. Phase II grants will be awarded from Phase I results in October 2021.

What is the difference between Phase I and Phase II?

Phase I grants are for study/prototyping efforts up to $15,000 and three months. Phase II grants are made to exceptional Phase I awardees that have shown progress toward their goals in Phase I. Phase II grants are for one year up to $150,000 and are for the implementation of the projects.

What are the dollar amounts and calendar periods for each phase?

  • PHASE I: PLANNING PHASE – up to $15,000 from June 1 to August 31, 2021.
  • PHASE II: IMPLEMENTATION PHASE – up to $150,000 from October 1, 2021, for one year.

Can we propose more than one initiative topic in a year?

We limit organizations to be the lead proposer on only one topic. You may lead on one and be a supporting partner on others.

Will next year's initiative topics be the same?

We anticipate some of the topics will remain for several years and others will not.

Will you fund facility and equipment needs?

In Phase I, Trinity funds planning, simple prototyping, data collection on ideas, collaboration inquiries, and exploration. In Phase II, with proper partnering financial and in-kind support, Trinity will consider a range of funding possibilities. We do not want to limit considerations for great ideas addressing
key community needs.

Do you require matching or in-kind contributions?

We do not require, but we do favorably consider, proposals that include matching financial support or in-kind contributions. Particularly in the larger Phase II grants, we desire to be leveraging our grant to enable larger projects to be successfully accomplished.

Our project does not require that much funding - may we still apply?

We are looking for projects that provide measurable value to the community and will be sustainable after the Trinity grant is complete. Our limits of $15,000 for planning and $150,000 for implementation are maximum limits, but we anticipate funding projects that do not need the full amount for implementation. Smaller projects are welcome for consideration.

What is the monetary distribution schedule for a successful grant?

For the Phase I grants we will distribute 75% of the award on the day the grant is announced (~June 1) and the remaining 25% will be provided upon receipt of the final report/Phase II proposal (~September 1). For Phase II grants, 50% will be provided upon announcement of Phase II recipients (~October 1) and 45% will be provided with a receipt of a progress report at the 6-month mark (~April 1). The remaining 5% will be provided with a receipt of a final progress report. Only Phase I awardees are eligible for Phase II consideration.


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