Proposal Outline

Grant Process

Proposal Outline

Below are the outlines of the content required for a Phase I proposal. All proposals will include Organization Information completed online as Step 1. Step 2 will be the completion of the proposal outline. Small Grants and Large Grants Divisions will complete proposal outline responses in short answer format online. Longer proposals will not be considered. Please respond to the outline elements in order as the proposals will be scored relative to these outline sections. Proposals that are missing sections or presented out of order will not be considered.

Note that the last portion of the proposal submission process, Step 3, includes certification by an officer of your organization that the organization is a nonprofit, it is committed to the project as proposed and that the organization has reviewed and approved the Phase I proposal.

Small and Large Grants Division

Step 1) Organization Information (Completed online)
Step 2) Proposal Outline (Completed online in short answer format)

  • Proposal Abstract: In a 250 word or less abstract/summary, clearly define the issue to be addressed and proposed solution(s).
  • Proposal Body
    1. Need/Problem Statement & Target Service Area (What is the purpose of the project and who is it expected to benefit?)
    2. Intended Outcomes & Measurements (What methods will be used in Phase I to validate the need and measure the impact in a Phase II implementation?)
    3. Innovation, Expansion, or Continuation (Is this proposed project best categorized as a new service, an expansion of current services, or a continuation of current services for your organization?)
    4. Potential Collaborations & Project Sustainability (If this project continues to implementation in Phase II, who are the ideal community partners and how might the project sustain itself after the initial funding period?)
    5. Use of Funds (What will the requested Phase I funds be used for?)

Step 3) Proposal Certification (Completed online)

  • Click Here to download a 2022 Small and Large Grants Division Phase I Proposal Outline in PDF format.