Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee (Trinity) will seek proposals in seven areas for the 2020 Health Initiatives in both a Small Grants Division (nonprofit organizations with less than $1.5 million in annual revenue) and Large Grants Division.  The Small Grants Division Phase I “Planning Grant” proposals will be for a maximum of $5,000 and will be eligible to compete for a Phase II “Implementation Grant” of up to $50,000. The Large Grants Division Phase I “Planning Grant” proposals will be for a maximum of $15,000 and will be eligible to compete for a Phase II “Implementation Grant” of up to $150,000.

Proposals for Phase I “Planning Grants” are submitted electronically via this website. An individual organization is limited to only one application as the lead proposing organization in a given year although an organization can be a supporting collaborator on as many proposals as they desire to submit.  The 2020 Trinity Health Initiatives are:

  • Initiative 1: Access to Care:  Trinity seeks proposed projects that will address the needs for access to preventive care in our region. A range of needs has been identified including preventive indigent care, dental care, eye care, transportation for care, prenatal training, assistance with medication access, rural care access, and care access for the homeless. Trinity seeks projects that allow the needed infrastructure to be put in place and an ongoing viable operating structure to be established after the Trinity funds end.
  • Initiative 2: Healthy Life Choices:  Trinity seeks proposed projects that will motivate, encourage, educate and transform the daily health choices made by our region’s residents by encouraging positive choices or diminishing negative ones. A range of needs/challenges has been identified including obesity prevention, smoking cessation, nutrition choices, regular exercise, and wellness education. Trinity seeks projects that will measurably impact the regional health choices over the long term.
  • Initiative 3: Opioid Addiction Education and Awareness:  Trinity seeks proposals that will raise the general understanding within the community of the hazards of addiction and the use of opioids for pain relief.  Community education programs about the fundamentals of addiction and the hazards of opioids are needed.  Inversely, education on alternative pain relief methods and emerging treatment alternatives is sought to combat this growing problem.  Target audiences can range from the public at large to programs for elementary and secondary education and might range from a strategy of classroom education to PSAs (Public Service Announcements) or thematic/targeted social media campaigns.
  • Initiative 4: Diminishing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Their Effects:  Trinity seeks proposals that will focus on reducing ACEs in our community and/or improve the resilience of our population.  Successful projects would target one or more ACEs with specific measurement of metrics providing evidence of the effectiveness of the effort.  Projects as wide-ranging as improving parenting skills, community awareness of ACEs and their impact, early recognition and support children experiencing ACEs, etc. will be encouraged.
  • Initiative 5: Neighborhood/Community Strengthening:  Trinity seeks partners that can implement programs that will measurably strengthen neighborhoods in our community.  Health begins at home and our neighborhoods are the first network outside the home. By positively and significantly impacting neighborhood interaction, the isolation that can lead to addiction could be reduced.  We seek creative proposals drawn from experience, other cities or innovative ideas that will measurably support and encourage healthy neighborhood networking.   The goal is to actively connect people to the folks that live in close proximity from their family to the families down the street.
  • Initiative 6: Christ-based: Trinity Health Foundation believes firmly in the holistic healing ministry of Jesus Christ. We believe that spiritual health and Christian faith have a tremendous impact on humanity as a whole and on life’s outcomes. Therefore, we welcome any church, faith-based ministry or parachurch organization to share its creative ideas and/or projects that may potentially grow and develop our community’s faith in Jesus Christ. Proposed efforts should focus on new and innovative projects that serve within the geographic region of Knoxville and surrounding 8 counties.
  • Initiative 7: Open Topic: Trinity recognizes there are great needs in many areas relating to the health of our region.  For this reason, we are leaving one of our topics “open” for those of you with a passion to serve the health needs of our community in ways that your experience guides.  We encourage you to submit your proposals within an existing 2020 Initiative Topic if your projects related to the needs described as this will aid our evaluation process.

Download 2020 Initiatives and Phase I Proposal Details

Files are in Microsoft Word .docx format.  These files contain information about the intent of the topic, the general grant philosophy, and the approach of Trinity.

3-Opioid Addiction Education and Awareness
4-Diminishing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Their Effects
5-Neighborhood/Community Strengthening
7-Open Topic