Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee (Trinity) will seek proposals in five areas for the 2021 Health Initiatives in both a Small Grants Division (nonprofit organizations with less than $1.5 million in annual revenue) and Large Grants Division.  The Small Grants Division Phase I “Planning Grant” proposals will be for a maximum of $5,000 and will be eligible to compete for a Phase II “Implementation Grant” of up to $50,000. The Large Grants Division Phase I “Planning Grant” proposals will be for a maximum of $15,000 and will be eligible to compete for a Phase II “Implementation Grant” of up to $150,000.

The 2021 Trinity Grant Cycle is open to all 501(c)(3) organizations in our service area (Knox County and the surrounding contiguous counties). In the past, organizations that received funding the previous year were not eligible to apply the following year. This year we have made a change. Due to the COVID pandemic challenges, Trinity is opening this year’s bids to our service area, including those who received funds last year.

Applying organizations are only permitted to submit proposals for one Initiative. Please carefully select the Initiative that is the best representation of your project.

Proposals for Phase I “Planning Grants” are submitted electronically via this website. An individual organization is limited to only one application as the lead proposing organization in a given year although an organization can be a supporting collaborator on as many proposals as they desire to submit.  The 2021 Trinity Health Initiatives are:

  • Initiative 1: Physical and Behavioral Healthy Life Choices:  Trinity seeks proposed projects that will motivate, encourage, educate, and transform the daily health choices made by our region’s residents by encouraging positive choices or diminishing negative ones. A range of needs/challenges has been identified, including but not limited to: behavioral health issues – depression and anxiety, opioid addiction education and awareness, obesity prevention, smoking cessation, nutrition choices, regular exercise, and wellness education. Trinity seeks projects that will measurably impact the regional health choices over the long term.
  • Initiative 2: Neighborhood/Community Strengthening:  Trinity seeks partners that can implement programs that will measurably strengthen neighborhoods in our community. Health begins at home, and our neighborhoods are the first network outside the home. By positively and significantly impacting neighborhood interaction, the isolation that can lead to addiction could be reduced. We seek creative proposals drawn from experience, other cities, or innovative ideas that will measurably support and encourage healthy neighborhood networking. The goal is to actively connect people to the folks who live in close proximity to the families down the street.
  • Initiative 3: Open Topic: Trinity recognizes there are significant needs in many areas relating to the health of our region. For this reason, we are leaving one of our topics “open” for those of you with a passion for serving the health needs of our community in ways that your experience guides. In responding to this “Open Topic”, remember our mission: Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee extends the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our community. We seek great partners to enable transformational projects that become a catalyst for good health in our community. Areas not addressed by our four other topics would be possibilities in this initiative. They would include, but not be limited to: elderly care, refugees, illiteracy, care for the disabled, cancer support groups, health information exchange, diminishing adverse childhood experiences, and Christ-based programs to grow and develop the community’s faith in Jesus.
  • Initiative 4: 501(c)(3) Consolidation Support:  Trinity seeks joint proposals from two or more small 501(c)(3) organizations in our region that are considering structurally merging to sustain their mission and operations. Phase I funds would be designated for the discussion/development of a “Merger Letter of Intent” and plan between the organizations with a financial estimate of items needed to consummate the merger. In Phase II, Trinity would provide the needed funds for due diligence, legal, accounting, board transition, etc., and support as determined by the Phase I plan to facilitate operational mergers intended to create stronger, sustainable entities. Trinity is not a consulting or legal service provider but will provide funds for organizations to obtain needed merger services.
  • Initiative 5: COVID Community Relief & Recovery:  Trinity seeks proposals from organizations that need financial support to help them continue their valued service to the community. Trinity will set aside a portion of its annual giving budget to fund continuing operations related to community relief and recovery efforts. Unlike other Trinity Initiatives, this is not a Phase I (Project Planning) & Phase II (Project Implementation) topic, but rather funding of continuing missional services that your organization is currently engaged in. Emphasis on community recovery from COVID impact is preferred, but not required.

Download 2021 Initiatives and Proposal Details

Files are in PDF format.  These files contain information about the intent of the topic, the general grant philosophy, and the approach of Trinity.

1-Physical and Behavioral Healthy Life Choices
2-Neighborhood/Community Strengthening
3-Open Topic
4-501(c)(3) Consolidation Support
5-COVID Community Relief & Recovery