A 1 Learning Connections

Total Body Reset

Knox County Health Department/Knox County Schools Youth Risk Behavior Surveys show that students with higher grades (A/B) have healthier habits than C/D/F students. Conversely, students with lower grades have worse health habits and participate more in risky decisions. Based on a similar 2015 Trinity-funded pilot project, students increased their reading/math grades in a short 8-week period; this planning project designs physical fitness and healthy eating activities in the A 1 Learning Connections after-school program at Vine Middle School.

Physical fitness activities are based on CDC Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, and healthy eating activities are based on USDA/HHS 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans and focus on 1) increasing bone-, aerobic-, and muscle-strengthening physical fitness activities to 60 minutes/day for at least five days/week and 2) increasing nutrient-dense foods and reducing refined carbohydrates, sugar-sweetened beverages/foods, fast foods, fatty foods, and empty calorie foods.