Cokesbury United Methodist Church

Susannah’s House-Building a Place for Hope

Mothers and babies share many things. They share a special relationship that’s like no other. They share physical traits. They share a bloodline. And, in ever-increasing numbers, they share an addiction. East Tennessee has the second largest number, nationally, of infants born dependent on the opioid drugs abused by their mothers, resulting in a condition called NAS – Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome. Susannah’s House is a faith-based organization sponsored by Cokesbury United Methodist Church that serves the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of mothers and their prenatally exposed infants who are recovering from substance abuse. Cokesbury Church is leasing the former Wesley House Community Center in Knoxville to be the home base for Susannah’s House programs. Renovations have begun on the house, sponsored by Cokesbury members. Event registration relies on a first come, first serve – because of the small availability of spots available. Susannah’s House day programs will be available to assist mothers in maintaining sobriety following their initial treatment for drug abuse. Our program will include a holistic module designed for mothers recovering from opioid addiction. It will be run by professionals in the recovery and social services fields and will be supported by volunteers. Sustainability will be by grants, donations, fund-raisers, and special offerings. A successful collaboration with and referrals from local hospitals, the Knox County Health Department, the Knox County Family Drug Court, the Metropolitan Drug Commission, and Susannah’s House will lead to a reduction in substance-exposed infants. Mothers will maintain sobriety and children will be nurtured in healthier environments.