Collegiate Abbey

Shepherds' Abbey

In response to the current mental health crisis and societal shifts, Collegiate Abbey is developing a new resource for the front-line faculty, staff, and administration of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, experiencing the effects and challenges. This new resource is called Shepherds’ Abbey. Shepherds’ Abbey consists of an eight-session training that addresses mental health from the spiritual and clinical perspective. It is a practical resource to help leaders be aware of and care for the needs of others as they walk with God and cultivate healthy and flourishing communities. The hope is to move beyond conversations on mental health and toward practical steps to address the issue.

The test pilot phase will host three pieces of training in different settings to see which format the information is best delivered and received in. Although it is developed for university-level faculty, the training will be able to cross boundaries into other areas of need, such as educators and those serving youth.