Emory Valley Center

Treatment and Stabilization for Individuals Dual Diagnosed with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities and Mental Illness

Emory Valley Center (EVC) is one of the few Tennessee agencies selected for participation in a project to develop and implement a treatment program specifically for people who are dual-diagnosed with an intellectual or developmental disability and a psychiatric disorder. The project, initiated by TennCare and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs), will address the issue of misdiagnosis and general failure in providing appropriate treatment for this special population. The initiative provides Personal Supports Service Agencies an opportunity to become licensed in behavioral health so they can effectively treat people with co-occurring I/DD and mental illness. A total of 100 people in Tennessee will be served during this phase. EVC will serve Anderson, Roane, Morgan, Knox, Loudon, and Blount counties. With dual licenses in Outpatient Mental Health and Personal Supports Service, EVC will provide treatment for a population that is falling through the cracks of the current system and resulting in unstable homes, incarceration, and homelessness. Outpatient services will reduce and prevent these outcomes through behavioral health treatment and wrap-around services. Measurable goals focus on; decreased number of crisis events; reduced emergency room visits; reduced use of medications, diversion of incarceration; and increased participation in employment and community integration.

Partnerships will be developed with behavioral health agencies, hospitals, physicians, law enforcement, and homeless services. While agencies will be reimbursed by MCOs for direct services, the cost of program development and obtaining licensure is the financial responsibility of each agency. EVC will incur expenses for hiring expert consultants, developing policies/guidelines, recruiting/training staff, and exploring successful models.