Free Medical Clinic of America

FMCA Dental Clinic

The historical purpose of the Free Medical Clinic of America (FMCA) is to provide free primary health care services (including chronic disease management and education) that maximize preventative and restorative treatment for the working uninsured. The FMCA seeks to research and implement plans to add a dental clinic to expand its health care services that will provide routine dental care for the working uninsured. Treatments and procedures will include dental exams, X-rays, dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings, extractions, minor oral surgery, fillings, and biopsies. While the clinic will provide extractions, the main focus will be dental hygiene and saving teeth. This new service benefits the community by increasing access to dental services to the uninsured working population and provides continuing medical education to dental students, allowing them to gain significant experience by providing services to an underserved population and see first-hand social determinants of health in this population. The FMCA dental clinic expects 2,000 patient appointments each year.