Healing the Home

Comprehensive Family Abuse Intervention

Healing the Home is committed to restoring the physical, sexual, and emotional security of Knoxville families impacted by the cycle of abuse. Direct services include individual counseling, advocacy, and group interventions. 87% of Healing the Home’s clients are parents of minor children. While nearly every client is an abuse survivor, over 60% have perpetrated at least one criminal act of domestic violence before seeking assistance. Many agencies support fleeing victims; however, the remaining family members are exponentially more at risk of struggling with revictimization, future violence, poor school performance, unemployment, chemical dependency, unwanted pregnancy, mental health issues, homelessness, and other concerns. Children exposed to family abuse are far more likely than their peers to suffer in violent relationships as adults. Parents at Healing the Home are typically trauma survivors who suffer poor emotional regulation and impulse control; most have never received adequate mental healthcare. Statistics demonstrate that within 12 months, domestic offenders have a 20-50% recidivism rate. Most violence or abuse perpetrated in the home occurs between 6 pm and 6 am on weekdays, weekends, and holidays. Unfortunately, these are precisely when access to care is minimal.

Preventative, responsive emergency support services with experienced interventionists are a much-needed local resource that will dramatically reduce the chances of further violence and abuse. Healing the Home intends to serve our community in this capacity to restore safety to our at-risk children.