Helen Ross McNabb Center

Building a Robust Referral Network to Address Community Mental Health Treatment Needs

The Helen Ross McNabb Center seeks to create a preferred provider network for primary care patients at UTMC and ETCH, to ensure those patients with a behavioral health diagnosis have access to much-needed treatment. Mental illness is a prevalent issue in our society, affecting roughly 20% of all adults. Frequently these behavioral health diagnoses co-exist with chronic disease or physical health issues. Nearly 70% of all behavioral health diagnoses – including anxiety, mood, and substance use disorders – are received in a primary care setting; however, in this setting, primary care physicians are often unequipped to provide the treatment or access to specialized care more complicated conditions require. The McNabb Center would implement a dedicated referral line for medical staff, so their patients can be quickly assessed by a behavioral health clinician. By developing an enhanced referral network, patients will receive co-managed care and see improved outcomes for both behavioral health and physical health concerns.