Knoxville Leadership Foundation

Better Nonprofits – Better Individuals, Better Neighborhoods, Better Communities, Healthier East Tennessee

Public confidence in nonprofits is key to guaranteeing an exciting future for treating and solving our communities’ most important problems. Non-profits face many challenges in these times of economic downturn and often are not able to make the impact they might if they had more resources to draw from. In 2014, a community dialogue revealed the need for a nonprofit resource center in our region. As an outcome, Knoxville Leadership Foundation spent the past year working with local leaders, experts, and focus groups to assess the need for a center to serve East Tennessee. This work culminated in the concept for the Alliance for Better Nonprofits, a center offering critical support services to help nonprofits more effectively achieve their missions. The Alliance for Better Nonprofits will offer these organizations in 25 East Tennessee counties services that include training, consulting, certification, and a resource center. Fees for these services will produce long-term sustainability. Trinity’s grant provides the springboard to launch this center to enhance and strengthen the many nonprofits that serve our community.

Visit the Alliance for Better Nonprofits website for more information or to become a member: