Legacy Parks Foundation

Multi-generational Playspace

Over 80% of Knox County’s adults do not get the recommended amount of physical activity for long-term health benefits. Some even report no physical activity at all. Local youth and adult obesity rates and their lack of physical activity are two major risk factors for chronic disease and death. Increasing physical activity can prevent many poor health outcomes, including those that often begin in childhood. Creating more accessible opportunities to be physically active, especially innovative and fun, will encourage people of all ages to become healthier by improving their fitness. Legacy Parks Foundation (Legacy Parks) intends to create a multi-generational “playspace” offering fun outdoor activities and fitness facilities for all ages. Low impact, balance, and muscle building features that specifically target seniors, along with modern and creative age-appropriate play equipment for children and families, will encourage positive choices to improve activity levels and overall fitness. Knox County’s Beverly Park playspace is in the East Knox County community, where seniors make up 25% of the population, and residents report limited access to healthy outdoor recreation opportunities (KCHD Community Assessment).