Our Place Company

Alzheimer's Dementia Enrichment Program

In Loudon and Monroe Counties and surrounding communities, there is a huge gap in services to help seniors affected by Alzheimer’s / Dementia from diagnosis to a nursing home. To impact this gap, Our Place Company plans to build and train a staff of employees and volunteers to provide programs of enrichment to help both client and caregiver. In both Loudon and Monroe Counties, whose population of seniors ranks among the highest in the state, there are an estimated 9,500 seniors and their caregivers impacted by Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Our PLACE will provide a program of activities focusing on the core needs of physical and mental exercise, socialization, communication, and hydration for up to 20 individuals per day while simultaneously providing free time and educational opportunities for their caregivers. In addition, the programs provided will offer much-needed stress release from the 24/7 responsibilities of the primary caregiver and help reduce the financial burdens associated with Alzheimer’s/Dementia.