Medical Equipment Loan Program

Access to medical equipment by people with disabilities and their caregivers is limited by financial resources, lack of healthcare coverage and amenities, and geographic location. With funding from the Trinity Foundation and other sources, Spark will create a region-wide network for durable medical equipment loan and reuse. Through the use of an online, searchable database and the establishment of satellite storage and pickup facilities, clients will have access to donated equipment through a number of partner agencies across Knox and surrounding counties.

With a Phase I grant, Spark will identify and establish partnerships with agencies and medical equipment loan closets; study options for equipment transport; establish a referral network with medical providers, social workers, and other nonprofit organizations; and examine our current infrastructure and determine any necessary updates to software, systems, or physical locations. This program will have an enormous impact on the lives of people with disabilities and their families and caregivers by providing low or no-cost medical equipment that can improve mobility, independence, and dignity and ease some of the burdens of family caregiving. We will maintain communication with clients to receive feedback on program services and meet any additional technology needs. This program will be sustained through an extensive network of partnerships including local governments, medical providers, United Way, and other nonprofits and service providers.