Street Hope TN

Navigating the Digital World Project

According to Internet Watch Foundation, of all youth-produced sexual content in 2015, 90% was harvested and redistributed on a third-party website (I.e. porn website), and on any given month, nearly 100 children will be listed for sale for sex online in TN (Adolescent Girls in TN Sex Trade). Unfortunately, this is perpetuated because teens today OVERshare information online, and exploiters target youth with vulnerabilities online that they can exploit – resulting in things like sex trafficking, sextortion, and even radicalization. As a result, we’ve partnered with Knox County Schools and Homeland Security Investigations to create an internet safety video series curriculum, and beginning in August 2018, all 6th-9th grade students will be required to participate in this curriculum. The program will target youth 11-17 years and can potentially impact 17,000+ youth in Knox County Schools alone.

We will measure impact by tracking the number of people who request the curriculum, how often it is presented, and the number of participants in each training. Participants will also take pre/post-tests to gauge the curriculum’s effectiveness. Our key partners are Knox County Schools and Homeland Security Investigations. The point of this curriculum is to be self-sustaining so that anyone can pick up the lesson plan and know what to say, what video to play, and then what activity to do with the students afterward.