The Florence Crittenton Agency

Mitigating ACEs in Residential Treatment

The Florence Crittenton Agency (FCA) has been a leading community organization in Knoxville since 1996. With a mission to strengthen communities through effective prevention and treatment services for children and families, FCA provides essential residential services to diverse, specialized populations. FCA plans to correctly identify and implement a trial (two-month) ACEs mitigation program. Its clients are adolescents (ages 13-18) in state custody. These residential clients are on-site around the clock and are not candidates for traditional health care. All clients suffer from serious, long-term effects of significant trauma (violence, abuse, death of a family member, neglect, human trafficking, transient home life, et cetera). The residual effects of such trauma include high-risk behavior, criminal activity, learning disabilities, drop-out, social problems, poor health, low income, and more. These severe effects prohibit their target population from receiving traditional health care, as most providers are not equipped with appropriate services to treat these youth. As a part of this project, FCA will research and collaborate with other organizations, trainers, educational institutions, et cetera to properly create a trial ACEs mitigation program.