The Restoration House

A Collaborative Approach to Overcoming ACE’s through a Two-Generational Trauma Responsive Strategy for Youth Development

The Village, providing afterschool tutoring/homework help, health and fitness activities, faith development, and enrichment activities for elementary, middle, and high school students. The Village provides The Restoration House (TRH) and Emerald Youth Foundation (EYF) the opportunity to partner together to leverage their 41 years of combined experience utilizing best practices in supportive transitional housing, team mentoring, family advocacy, life skills training, and robust youth development to holistically empower low-income single mothers and their children to break the cycle of poverty. Together, The Restoration House and EYF provide a strong sense of community in the lives of children and their families that is focused on supportive relationships. This is a rich environment for developing an intentional two-generational trauma-RESPONSIVE approach. This approach moves beyond simply being trauma-INFORMED by responding to trauma in ways that maximize the community support children and their families suffering the effects of multiple ACEs have in reaching their highest potential.

To accelerate the goal of strategically supporting at-risk children and families in overcoming toxic stress and trauma to achieve longer-lasting outcomes, TRH and EYF have engaged Harmony Family Center, a local organization with over 20 years of experience in helping youth live their best lives through innovative programs and evidence-based solutions for children and families experiencing the challenges, stressors, and trauma of modern life. This collaborative partnership will modify the current JustLead faith-based afterschool ministry with a Two-Generational Trauma Responsive strategy for youth development that engages the family system and community supports and will serve as a model for TRH, other EYF sites, and other local youth development organizations. This project will be sustained through the collective resources secured through each established partner and controlled by covenant agreements. Over the next 10 years, The Restoration House’s JustLead site will have a restorative impact on 150 families, including 280 to 320 at-risk children; while EYF’s other JustLead sites will impact another 2,500 families including 5,000 young people.