Wesley House Community Center

Expanded Childcare Services and Food Pantry Operations

Wesley House’s mission is to empower and serve the Mechanicsville, Lonsdale, and Beaumont communities; its vision is to equip families with the educational, emotional, and spiritual resources needed to thrive. Wesley House seeks to continue its expanded childcare, food pantry, and mobile food pantry services to low-income residents, primarily within communities of color within the City of Knoxville. Measurable impacts will include preventing summer or virtual-based learning loss for up to 120 children, providing 18,000 healthy meals and snacks, and distributing hundreds of pounds of food, including fresh produce and household staples, through the food pantry and mobile food pantry. Wesley House’s zip code has the highest rates of COVID-19. The heaviest physical, spiritual, and economic burdens of the pandemic have fallen on the shoulders of those least able to bear it.