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24 Aug 2020
August 24, 2020

Trinity Funds Final Round of Community’s Most Urgent Needs

August 24, 2020 0 Comment

Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee completed the last round of funding, which stemmed from the identified long-term impacts of COVID-19.  In the final selection, 63 organizations requested over $1.2 million. The Trinity board selected 42 organizations to receive a total of $550,000. Trinity is honored to partner with many organizations that continue to creatively.. read more →

In March, the Trinity board decided to open an emergency grant cycle to address the most urgent needs represented in Knox County and the eight surrounding counties.  In mid-April, 54 nonprofit organizations received funding to provide continued services and programs in the community. Many of these organizations have been highlighted on social media platforms such.. read more →

21 Jul 2020
July 21, 2020

Trinity Suspends 2020 Phase I & Phase II Grant Cycles

July 21, 2020 0 Comment

Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee is sensitive to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on our nonprofit community. Due to the unusual circumstances, the Trinity board has decided to suspend its 2020 Phase I and Phase II grant cycles at this time. In keeping with our mission, Trinity will prayerfully and creatively evaluate ways.. read more →

31 Oct 2019
October 31, 2019

2019 Phase II Winners

October 31, 2019 0 Comment

  On Thursday, October 24th, the Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee awarded over $900,000 in grants to nine nonprofit organizations.  These grants are the result of a year-long effort to stimulate projects related to Trinity’s mission of improving the physical, emotional and spiritual health of East Tennessee.  From 79 proposals submitted in April, 11.. read more →

15 Oct 2019
October 15, 2019

Good Knox Network: True Health from Balance

October 15, 2019 0 Comment

True Health from Balance By Dr. H. Lee Martin, President Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee From time to time, one comes across wisdom worth sharing.  The “Dare Square” from William Danforth is a personal metric that we can all benefit from considering.  While our healthcare system is a marvel of facilities and technologies, responsibility.. read more →