Initiative 3 – Open Topic

Ideas won’t keep. Something must be done about them.    
-Alfred North Whitehead

Envisioned Goal: Trinity recognizes there are significant needs in many areas relating to the health of our region. For this reason, we are leaving one of our topics “open” for those of you with a passion for serving the health needs of our community in ways that your experience guides.
In responding to this “Open Topic”, remember our mission: Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee extends the healing ministry of Jesus by improving the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of our community.
We seek great partners to enable transformational projects that become a catalyst for good health in our community. Areas not addressed by our four other topics would be possibilities in this initiative. They would include, but not be limited to: elderly care, refugees, illiteracy, care for the disabled, cancer support groups, health information exchange, diminishing adverse childhood experiences, and Christ-based programs to grow and develop the community’s faith in Jesus.

Background: Trinity Health Foundation wants to continue to keep our arms and minds open to any ideas that might be valuable to our community’s health. While we have selected our health initiatives for 2021, we did not want to overlook a great opportunity that did not fit into our selected health initiatives – hence this “open” topic.