Forever Families

Pandemic Relationship Care Project

Our children are hurting because our families are hurting. Even as the physical challenges of the global pandemic start to subside, most of the mental health and relational impacts on the homes of children must still be addressed. Left unattended, the personal and interpersonal implications on marriage and family relationships will become generational. Additionally, if parents cannot model a healthy process of post-pandemic relational healing, their children risk experiencing more devastation than just more apparent effects of prolonged social distancing. They will be more prone to live in the isolation of “relational distancing” in adulthood. They carry the lasting emotional impact of these experiences without the necessary tools and models needed to address them. Forever Families is launching the Pandemic Relationship Care Project, which offers a comprehensive, supportive environment designed for couples across all denominations. After a thorough online relational assessment, faith-based pastoral counseling sessions will then target areas that need strengthening.