HELP House Study

The Philadelphians seek to study and understand how best to address the needs of the Knox Metro Area’s portion of some 9,500 annual returning citizens from Tennessee’s male prison population, reintroducing them as contributing members of society, and reducing recidivism. We want to facilitate their success in all areas of their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being through a faith-based, community-based program.

Our target audience is the returning male former inmate planning to reside and work in the Metro Knox area. The community and the man will both be impacted through consistent employment, housing, reunion with families, and a reduction in the current recidivism rate.

Key partners would include AA/NA, GED instruction programs, job training programs, individual counseling programs, and local churches, as well as other halfway houses. The Philadelphian’s HELP House would be sustained through reimbursement funds available from existing TN Department of Corrections reentry programs as well as private contributions.