A Social Platform for Good Works in East Tennessee:

Trinity Foundation Initiates the Good Knox Network

By Dr. H. Lee Martin, President

Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee


Trinity Foundation exists to be a catalyst for improving the health of the communities of East Tennessee by supporting the good works of area nonprofit organizations.  We have been positively impressed with the tireless efforts of thousands of volunteers and staff that utilize their talents to help others.  Trinity is initiating the Good Knox Network to publicize these organizations, their projects, and their people in order to encourage understanding and cooperation among the various service organizations in our community.

 The Good Knox Network will be a clearinghouse for information and upcoming events for nonprofits to inform and be informed of the myriad of activities in our community.   We will interview area nonprofit leaders to gain insights into their mission and service objectives.  We will also report on Trinity Grant winners to share their projects and the impact they are having on the community.  Postings about general healthcare issues will also be provided.  A community calendar of events of area nonprofit organizations will be maintained and regularly distributed as we serve in the clearinghouse role.

Help us serve you!  Join us on Facebook at (Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee), Twitter at (TrinityHealthTN) and/or LinkedIn at (Trinity Health Foundation of East Tennessee), so that our information reaches you easily.  Also, if you have an upcoming event that you would like posted and distributed through the Good Knox Network, please email your announcement to lmetler@trinityfound.org.  We will always be looking for positive stories about area organizations, so let us know about those also!  By linking the regional nonprofit community together, we believe that the activities of all will be more widely publicized and hence strengthened.